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    Airsoft League? Competitive Sport?

    I know most guys like to have airsoft as a day out, whilst others like to get really competetive almost like a sport (Teams, Squads) but has anyone ever come across a airsoft league? or even a day tournment i think that would be really cool (5v5, 7v7 CQB?) let me know what you guys know or what you think about the idea?

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    Yes, it's been done before at R.I.F.T.

    The UKASL (UK Airsoft League) was created a few years back and some players really go into it but it never grew into anything consistent or popular enough to continue..........

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    Thas a shame tony would be something I would have thought would have attracted a lot of teams to it its something I would have defo got involved with I geuss it's attracting more people to it or to the idea with prizes or league standings etc.. great idea tho

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    I have experience from another site that run a team day/ tournament and I hate to say it just bred cheating, Airsoft is a sport of honour take your hits, who really cares which team won what game etc all breeds a type of friendship where tournaments can bring out a competitive nature in some that is not needed.

    I will say this was on one site and larger better organised tournaments might have a handle on this but in day to day skirmishing it is not needed, probably a more specialised thing like mil sims etc


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    I'd love to join a league.

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    cheating to win would be rife.
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