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    The LAST Skirmsh Game at The RIDGE for 2023

    This Site is a favorite to many and avoided by others!
    The challenge is the rather long hill that you have to walk up to rach the Game area... but when you do, you are in for a treat! The land is amazing and we have had so much fun here!

    We might try to run a BattleSim here before Christmas but if not, we would like to thank everyone who has played the Ridge in 2023! Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK ME: The RIDGE - 24th September

    Thanks to the Hard Working Marshal Team
    for their dedication and assistance!

    See you all next Time!

    PHOTOs are UP!


    It goes without saying how amazingly proud and happy we are to have such a fantastic gathering of wonderful people to join us for the Epic Weekender!
    Staff were on Site very early Friday to set up the Safe Zone Building, Shooting Ranges, Car Park Layout and Game Area. ALL 6 Armoured Vehicles were in play both days and that also meant extra time and attention to detail to ensure they had plenty of fuel and were good to go!

    Saturday the Gates opened at 7am and we waited for the RUSH!
    To our amazement, it was the opposite... a slow trickle of cars arrived and we were wondering if it was going to be a rather quiet weekend after all!
    NOPE! Next thing, everyone arrived at once and it was VERY busy!
    Tents were erected and we could see and hear lots of laughter and chatting while everyone was getting ready for the very short morning safety brief!
    We knew it was going to be a great Weekend!

    Saturday Gameplay was intense and there were lots of very good tactical pushes from both Sides. Red Team took the lead by the End of the day and completed more objectives than Blue Team.
    Saturday Evening was the Social Camp over and I must admit, it was excellent (yes, I saw the 2 Jedi with their Light Sabers having a battle around the Tents!)
    Thank you ALL for supporting the relaxed Camping experience!

    Sunday we had a very special moment! A Wedding proposal!
    The Morning Briefing was greeted with "Brandon and Nelly" stood in front of over 350 players as Brandon popped the question! They met at Rift, play at Rift and he proposed at Rift" Luckily, she said YES!
    We wish them all the best for the future!

    The Gameplay on Sunday was BRILLIANT... then, after lunch it decided to RAIN!!!! It was very unlucky because up to that point the Weather was perfect. Sadly, some players decided to call it a day so we re-balanced the Teams and headed out for some more fun! It stopped raining and it dried up rather quickly. BLUE Team were the Victors on Sunday!
    Due to the Weather turning bad, we didn't get as many photos as we did on Saturday - sorry.

    Both days we ran competitions After Lunch;
    Time Trial Challenge (know down targets as you move through the HESCO Maze as quick as you can)
    Back to Back Revolver DUEL! (Shoot your opponent before they shoot YOU!)
    So many laughs - lots of £25 Rift GIFT Vouchers were won!!

    VIPER TACTICAL; Lock Box Challenge!
    Yes, as always, our VERY good friend "Ratty" (Ian) from Viper was there with us for the Weekend. He ran his lockbox challenge both days which had £250 of Viper goodies to be Won! Well done to the Winners!
    (One Winner (Rob) gave his prize to NEW players to help get them started!)
    That is what Airsoft is all about - kindness and support. Thank you Rob!

    White Sphere Tactical also ran several MASSIVE Raffles with amazing prizes!
    Massive congrats to the Winners.

    For me personally, I still pinch myself to think how lucky I am to see you all come along to Rift and share your time with us. Thank you all so very, very much.
    I hope you had as much fun as I did and I know the Rift Crew had an amazing time too! Huge thank you to the CATERING Crew who kept us fed and well looked after all weekend!

    Best wishes all - Tony ~ R.I.F.T. HQ.



    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for the Photos!

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft EPIC WEEKENDER 2023!

    PHOTOs from the 3rd of Septmber!!

    Another Amazing Sunday!

    Thank you ALL for Booking-in and Playing!
    Great turnout at BOTH MoD Sites! Nice to see new faces at Rift - we really appreciate you coming along and trying us out and we really hope you had a great time! Rather HOT today... The heat makes it a bit more of a challenge to say the least!
    Sadly, one of our Cameras at REDCON-2 failed so we have less Photos than we should have! Sorry about that...

    Our Head Marshal "Kostas" Hosted his first Game today at The Bomb Dump & he did an amazing Job! Running a Game Day is not as easy as it looks... thankfully he had a good Team of Marshals and wonderful Players around him to make his first Hosting Day one to remember!

    The EPIC Weekender is almost upon us (16th & 17th of September) If you haven't Booked in yet, don't leave it too late as it is not far off being Fully Booked! We hope to see you there for lots of Airsoft Fun!

    CLICK HERE - 3rd of Sept @ The BOMB DUMP

    CLICK HERE - PHOTOS 3rd of Sept @ REDCON-2

    Thank you ALL so much for Playing!
    If you have never played before - give it a try, it's AWESOME!
    Thanks to the Rift Marshal Team as always!
    See you next time

    PHOTOs; 27th of August at REDCON-2!

    Thank you ALL so much for playing the FIRST
    "Rifty-350 Event" at REDCON-2!
    We ran this Game Mode at Com's Site 3 and wanted to bring the fun over to REDCON-2 on a much larger scale Site. With the 350fps maximum rule and lover player numbers (120) it meant we could run different games that we have never done before at REDCON-2!
    Feedback was great and a few "tweaks" need to be made but overall it was an absolutely BRILLIANT day!
    Rest assured; we will run another 350 Event in the near future!
    Thank you ALL for supporting this Event... very much appreciated!

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!
    20th of August 2023!

    Over 200 Players for another great day at this fantastic MoD Site!
    The Weather has been so unpredictable this Summer, so we were lucky that we had a dry day...
    We decided to run the "Total War" big game before lunch to maximise the amount of Airsoft, as it can be time consuming trying to get over 200 players in and out of the Car Park if we only run 50 Minute Missions. We used to run "Total War" for the whole day but many players found it to be too much and would drop out early, resulting in unbalanced Teams!
    The Snatches performed well and added an extra element to the Gameplay!
    We all hope you had a great time and enjoy the Photos!
    See you next time?

    CLICK HERE - 20th of August; REDCON-2

    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for the Photos
    Thank you for playing REDCON-2

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    Sunday 1st of October
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    Middle Wallop
    (near Andover, Hampshire)
    SO20 8DY (see Map on Booking Page for Entrance!)

    Sunday 1st of October
    OX13 6BX

    Sat/Sunday 1st & 2nd of October
    BUILD Weekend!
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS
    For details, please follow this link:

    Saturday 7th of October
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS
    This Site is being made ready.
    Date is subject to all going well!

    Sunday 8th of October
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS
    This Site is being made ready.
    Date is subject to all going well!

    Sunday 15th of October
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 22nd of October
    SITE To be confirmed

    Sunday 29th of October
    SITE To be confirmed

    More Dates added soon!


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