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    Can it get any better?!

    Heavy Thunderstorms predicted - didn't happen! (AGAIN)
    We had a few mini-showers but nothing to "dampen" the day!

    Everyone at RIFT HQ would like to thank you all very much for coming along and taking part in such an EPIC day of Airsoft!
    We ran "Total War" Scenario - 2 hours of uninterrupted Airsoft before and after Lunch... This means everyone can play as much or as little Airsoft as they wish and enjoy the day in their own way!
    Airsoft IS also a very social sport - it is always great to see people back at Safe Zone having a chat.... such a great community!

    With COVID restrictions relaxed, it means we can enjoy the Sport even more! The Vehicles always add an extra bit of immersion (and great cover!)
    The Photos speak a thousand words!
    See you all VERY soon!

    CLICK HERE - 25th of JULY @ REDCON-2

    Thank you ALL for choosing to play at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all VERY soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!

    "Just like the Old Days!"
    COMS SITE 3 - 25 v 25!

    With the top of the land under possession by HS2, we had 2 choices..... CLOSE the Site OR utilize the Land we do have and keep having FUN!
    So, with LOTS of hard work and another chunk of money, we created a NEW Car Park and Safezone by the old "Kill House" building.
    It is still a work in progress but it certainly did the job!

    Lower Number Games are PERFECT for the area we have to use..... so much so, that we have had LOTS of emails and messages saying that it was really good fun to Play!

    We will be extending the Car Park a bit more and adding extra features to this "temporary" Safe Zone....

    MASSIVE thank you to the Volunteers and Craftsmen who made this happen!

    See you all at Coms Site 3 very soon!

    CLICK HERE - Saturday 17th @ Coms 3!

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 18th @ Coms 3

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon! [/CENTER]

    PHOTOs from the 11th of JULY

    The Ridge is a tough Site to play! It is VERY rewarding and great fun!
    A Fully Booked Day - Thank you all so much!
    Huge shout to the BIA Team.... they bought along their SNATCH Land Rover and got stuck in to add an extra "element" to the Game Scenarios!
    The Weather was kind and the Gameplay was great - what more can you ask? The Photos speak a 1000 words!

    CLICK HERE - 11th of JULY @ The RIDGE

    Thank you ALL for choosing to play at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all VERY soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!

    2 MoD Sites!

    Absolute AWESOME DAY!
    As usual, the Weather Forecast was WRONG.... AGAIN!
    We had a bit of rain first thing (6am) but well before the Gates we opened - it was nice and dry...
    At Abingdon we had a sprinkle of rain for 10 mins in the afternoon, which was a far cry away from the "Yellow Weather Warning!"
    I am convinced they say the weather will be bad to make us stay home!
    (So many players cancelled due to the bad Weather Forecast!)
    We actually got SUNBURNT!

    Anyhoo.... RANT over....
    Brilliant day of Airsoft Giggles and Fun! Lots on New players to the Sport, Birthday Celebrations and great Gameplay!
    The Photos speak for themselves!
    Thanks to everyone (as always) who came along!

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 4th of July @ The BOMB DUMP

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 4th of July @ PATHFINDER

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!


    Thanks to everyone who played this Weekend!
    The RIDGE was challenging as always and the People who Camped over on Saturday evening were awesome!
    Thank you so much!

    Coms Site 3 was a little different this time as we ran this last Game before the New Safe Zone is built and had less Game area to play in!
    It did mean that there were some FIERCE Firefights!

    Enjoy the Photos!

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    SATURDAY 31st of July
    25 V 25 Day!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ



    SUNDAY 1st of August
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    Open Skirmish!
    (near Andover)
    SO20 8DY (nearest Postcode)
    (see map on Booking Page)

    SUNDAY 1st of August
    Open Skirmish!
    OX13 6JQ (nearest Postcode)
    (see map on Booking Page)

    SUNDAY 8th of August
    Open Skirmish
    "The RIDGE"
    (near LUTON)
    MK45 4LG (nearest postcode)
    (see map on Booking Page)

    SUNDAY 15th of August
    Open Skirmish!
    OX13 6BX

    SATURDAY 21st of August
    Families Day
    "AAC Middle Wallop"
    (near Andover)
    R.I.F.T. ARMY Shooting Range!
    SO20 8DY

    SUNDAY 22nd of August
    25 V 25 Day!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    WEEKENDER! 28th/29th of August
    (Airsoft Game & Bootsale!)
    OX13 6BX



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