• Rules / Disclaimer

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft:

    Airsoft is a fantastic Sport!
    We believe in running a quality day, packed with challenging Scenarios using unique and thoughtful props!
    YOUR DAY at R.I.F.T. is important to us & we pledge to give you the BEST Airsoft Experience possible!
    We have professional, Smart, Friendly Marshal's & Staff.
    Quality Food, VERY good prices on consumables & extras and an AMAZING Site Shop Owned & run by White Sphere Tactical.
    Our community makes us a favorite with many seasoned Airsoft players and Teams - we also welcome new players and provide quality Rental equipment.
    Airsoft can have its fair share of unhappy moments. One key factor that can ruin a great day of Airsoft is CHEATING.
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft is committed to stamping out cheating and removing dishonest players.

    The Rules Listed Below are a basic GUIDE & are subject to slight change at various Venues we run.
    Please listen to the FULL Safety Brief at 09:30
    Please Ask any questions if you are unsure.

    Age Limit
    We are Fully Insured for age 12 and over.

    Eye Protection
    Eye protection must be worn at all times outside of the SafeZone.
    Rift Airsoft HIGHLY RECOMMENDS "Full Face" protection for ALL players taking part. Teeth are NOT covered by our insurance.
    Shooting/Ballistic Goggles or Glasses are permitted.
    Under 18's MUST wear Full Face Protection at all times.
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft will always lend Full Face Protection FREE of Charge.

    FPS Rules
    Unless otherwise stated, FPS rules are as follows:

    QUALITY 6mm bb's - .20g upwards
    No cheap Ammo permitted (usually brightly coloured)
    We are not insured for ammunition larger than 6mm.

    Spring or Gas - not to exceed 350fps

    Gas or Spring, single or Multishot - not to exceed 350fps

    Electric or Gas Assault Weapon:
    MAXIMUM of 350 FPS - Do not use FULL AUTO inside buildings or when you are close to your opponent(s)!
    Maximum 2 Second Burst when using Full Auto!

    Support Weapons:
    MAXIMUM of 370 FPS - 30 meter minimum engagement rule.
    Support Weapons Firing between 350 - 370 FPS must adhere to 20 meter engagement rule & may use a 4 second burst as long as the bi-pod is deployed, firing from a fixed position.
    Support Weapons Firing BELOW 350 have no minimum engagement rule, however we ask players NOT to engage Full Auto at point blank range.
    Side Arm/SMG required for Close Quarters.....
    (See Site Specific Rules regards MED differences)
    Support Weapons Firing 350 fps and below may engage at close range but are restricted to a 2 second burst.

    DMR - Semi Auto Only
    MAXIMUM of 500 FPS 30 meter minimum engagement rule.
    2/3 Second delay between shots / wait until the first shot has landed before firing again.
    Semi Auto LOCKED - please report to a Marshal on the Day.
    (typical battery operated or HPA Semi Auto Weapon)
    Side Arm/SMG required for CQB.

    Sniper / Bolt Action:
    MAXIMUM of 500 FPS - 30 meter minimum engagement rule.
    (typical long range Sniper rifle - Side Arm/SMG required for CQB)

    Joule limits:
    Generic RIF; Full auto allowed = 1.13 joules (NO minimum engagement)
    Support Weapon, Full Auto allowed = 1.27 joules (20 minimum engagement)
    Single shot only = 2.32 joules (30 minimum engagement)

    HPA Weapons are welcome but must remain locked to the correct FPS limit for that particular Weapon type. Any HPA or Gas Powered Weapon System with a very high rate of fire will be restricted to a ONE second burst when fired Fully Automatic.

    We allow all Airsoft weapons on Site as long as they are strictly in line with UK FPS limits.
    Co2 Powered Weapons are allowed on Site.
    Co2 Pistols must NOT exceed 350 fps
    Co2 Rifles must conform to the same FPS Rules as their Spring or Electric counterparts.

    Hobby Lasers up to Class III/3R (Red or Green)
    We allow the use of Hobby Lasers at our Sites UNLESS stated in the Game Brief &-or in the Booking in Information.
    Rules for Lasers will vary from Site to Site.
    It is strictly forbidden to directly aim the Laser towards players eyes.
    Lasers are to be used to intimidate and mark targets.

    Information on Hobby Lasers can be found HERE

    Scenario Maps are available at Respawns; it is advisable for each team to quickly discuss a strategy for completing their objective. Team communication will be vital in most missions. Paper Maps are also available for every Site we run - Please ask a Marshal if you require one.

    All missions involve firefights - the rules of engagement are:

    Shoulder your Weapon, two hands, control at all times.
    NO blind firing! AIM at your Target looking down the sights.
    NO Shooting through gaps smaller than A4 in size.

    When you are fired upon and the BB's make contact with you it is classed as a "HIT".
    It does not matter how hard it hits you – it still counts.
    Light cover such as branches, twigs, mesh, chicken wire etc will not protect you and is not classed as a ricochet.

    What happens when you are hit?

    When Hit YOU MUST put your Weapon in the air and SHOUT "HIT!"
    Make it obvious! You will be less likely to be shot at again as you walk away.
    Make your way to your team designated deadzone!

    No shooting at players with their weapon in the air.

    Dead Players CANNOT talk! Do not communicate while walking back to your Deadzone.

    UPDATED 2022 (based on Gameplay feedback)
    Weapon hits DO count (saves arguments)
    Ricochets That YOU SEE; DO NOT count
    (shout RICOCHET! & Play on!)

    Ricochets That YOU DO NOT SEE; DO count! (Call HIT!)
    Headshots DO count.
    Friendly Fire DOES count.

    All players MUST CALL their hits at all times!

    No shooting into the Opposition Team RESPAWN AREA!

    Any player who is caught "cheating" will be asked to leave the Site immediately & NOT Welcome to any future R.I.F.T. Airsoft Events.


    Only UK approved pyro/smokes are permitted on site.
    Pyrotechnic can be used by players 18 and over.
    Mk5's Permitted (nothing louder than 120 DB)
    (BFG's) Blank Firing Grenades:
    9mm indoors or outdoors.
    12G outdoors only.
    See Marshall on game day for more info.

    Pyrotechnics are NOT allowed at our INDOOR Site "The Battery"
    (as mentioned on the Battery Booking Page)

    Other Rules :
    NO Smoking in the Game Area
    Only smoke at the Safe Zone in the designated Smoking Area
    NO Alcohol to be consumed on site at any time.
    NO Illegal substances, weapons, sharp blades etc.
    NO Climbing Trees
    NO Pyro to be thrown into or under the Caravans
    NO Climbing the roofs of buildings UNLESS it is a designated shooting area
    NO Punching out windows of the buildings
    NO Climbing through windows
    NO Making your own defenses or shields
    NO tipping tables, opening cupboards or drawers in the buildings.
    NO Opening or closing doors.
    NO Shooting at your Respawn.
    NO Shooting/Damaging the RESPAWN Maps or Props.
    (Vandalism is not tolerated)
    NO Purposely Shooting your TEAM, Marshalls, Guests or Members of the Public or Wildlife.

    Rubber Knives and Bang Kill

    Rubber Training Knives are permitted, please roleplay a knife kill to the torso area or tap the opponent's shoulder gently.
    On Skirmish Days - if you do not possess a Rubber Training Knife you may "tap" your opponent on the Shoulder with your HAND & shout; "Knife KIll!"
    (or something to confirm your "kill")
    This will be sufficient to simulate a Knife Kill.

    Bang kill/Mercy challenge is not supported! If you get the drop on someone, single shot them to an area that causes as little pain as possible or knife kill them!

    This rule set is just to give you an idea - a full brief is given on site before we start the day's event!


    It is very important you take the time to read and understand R.I.F.T. Airsoft's disclaimer.

    Our disclaimer is available for download in PDF format: Here

  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open on the Monday
    at 9am 13 Days before
    the Event Date.....

    Quick Link For BOOKING:
    When BOOKING is Open,
    please click the GREEN Bar Below:


    SATURDAY 27th of July
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    Sunday 28th of July
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS


    Sunday 4th of August
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 4th of August
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    (nr Andover, Hampshire)
    SO20 8DY (See Booking Map for Entrance)

    SATURDAY 10th of August
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    Sunday 11th of August
    "The BATTERY"
    Woodside Farm
    Gallows Green Rd
    Great Dunmow
    CM6 3QS

    SATURDAY 17th of August
    Open Skirmish!
    "The RIDGE"
    near LUTON
    MK45 4LG (nearest postcode)
    WhatThreeWords; bench.tame.slip

    Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August!
    Play Saturday, Sunday or CAMP over for BOTH Days!
    OX13 6BX

    More Dates added soon!


    Please Note:
    PMR Radios are permitted for
    use on our Sites.
    Licensed Radios must comply
    to UK regulations.