• COVID UPDATE - October 31st


    SATURDAY October 31st...

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft will be FORCED to CANCEL all Events from Thursday 5th of November to Wednesday 2nd of December.
    We plan to REOPEN on Sunday 6th of December at The BOMB DUMP & VILLAGE.
    We will, of course, adhere to the most recent Guidelines on our return.
    Stay Safe - Take Care ~ Tony and the Rift Crew.

    COVID-19 infection is increasing across the United Kingdom.
    The Government has created 3 "Alert" Levels:
    Medium, High & Very High
    Further restrictions have been put in place to slow the spread and protect the NHS.
    We support Government Guidelines and have introduced further measures to comply.

    Changes & existing rules:

    Pre-Book ONLY - NO visitors or walk on players.
    If you are in a VERY HIGH Alert Area - please do NOT book in to any Airsoft Event.
    Only share a Vehicle with people within your Safe, Social Bubble.
    Non-Contact Temperature checks will be taken when you arrive.
    Track & Trace Poster is available at each Site. Please download the App & Scan on arrival.
    (It is not mandatory to use the Track & Trace App)
    Face Coverings MUST be worn inside any structure/building in the Safe Zone. (unless you have a Valid Exemption)
    Site Specific rules are also explained in the Morning Safety Brief.
    Maximum of 6 people at a time on the Chronograph/Shooting Range area (including Staff)
    Maximum of 6 people for any group booking (only Socialize with your group of 6)
    Keep a 2 Meter distance from other people and no less than 1 Meter if 2 Meters isn't possible.
    Please wear Face Coverings whenever possible even when outside for extra safety.
    Personal Hygiene is paramount - please use the Hand Sanitizers provided. Clean your hands often.
    Do not book in or turn up to any Event if you or a Family Member are displaying COVID related Symptoms.
    Your details will be taken and held for a minimum of 21 days.

    The restrictions in place will inevitably slow the start of the day down, however, it will enforce a safer Event.
    We have already lowered the Player Count on Site and will continue to monitor this and adjust as required.
    If we ALL cooperate as a community, we can still enjoy the Sport & keep each other SAFE.
    Best Wishes,
    R.I.F.T. HQ.
  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open 10-14 Days before
    the Event Date......

    Quick link: SITE INFO & BOOKING:
    When a Game Date is Open,
    Please click the GREEN Bar Below:


    ------------------------------------- DECEMBER:

    SUNDAY 6th of December
    Open SKIRMISH!
    "The Bomb Dump"
    (near Andover)
    SO20 8DY

    SUNDAY 6th of December
    Open SKIRMISH!
    "The VILLAGE"
    (near Royston)
    SG8 5JS

    SATURDAY 12th of December
    Christmas Games!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 13th of December
    Christmas Games!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SATURDAY 19th of December
    More Christmas Games!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 20th of December
    Christmas Games!
    OX13 6BX

    SUNDAY 20th of December
    Christmas Games!
    "The VILLAGE"
    (near Royston)
    SG8 5JS


    SUNDAY 27th of December
    Run Off The Turkey & Pudding!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ


    Please Note:
    PMR Radios are permitted for
    use on our Sites.
    Licensed Radios must comply
    to UK regulations.