• R.I.F.T. News

    Limited Offer for a short period only - The Mighty Rift Airsoft Game Pass!

    Thank you!

    Rift Airsoft will be reopening our beloved Game Sites in April and we are VERY much looking forward to seeing you all and getting back to some kind of normality!
    We have LOTS to do before we reopen and that includes maintenance, rebuilding and adding new features to the Sites.
    We are running a huge build at Coms Site 3 in the near future and we will certainly need a few extra pennies in the pot to make it happen!

    Being closed for so long has taken its toll on the Rift Piggy Bank so we will need to raise some funds......

    The £150 GAME PASS is the answer!
    This Game Pass has the Following benefits:

    1.) Allows entry to play at any open Skirmish Day.
    2.) Is Valid at ANY Rift Airsoft Site.
    3.) Has NO expiry Date.
    4.) Can be used by anyone - share or gift with friends.
    5.) Works out to £15 per Game
    6.) Helps Rift through tough times!

    Typical Game Fee at Rift Airsoft is £30 or £25
    (Members get £5 off)
    So, 10 Games is either £300 or £250!

    This £150 Game Pass is AMAZING Value and the flexibility of use means you are not restricted in any way.
    * NOTE does NOT include Hire Kit (that's extra!)

    ALL SOLD!!!!
    Thank you!

    PLEASE let me know your FULL Address and we will Post it to you once Payment it made. tony@riftairsoft.com


    The Reopening!

    The Government has announced a careful approach to slowly relaxing lockdown starting in March.
    With this news, we are very pleased to advertise a list of potential dates for the reopening of all Rift Airsoft Sites!

    Saturday 3rd of April: Coms Site 3
    Easter Sunday 4th of April: The Village
    Easter Sunday 4th of April: The BOMB DUMP

    Sunday 11th of April: Coms Site 3

    Sunday 18th of April: The Village
    Sunday 18th of April: REDCON-2

    Saturday 24th of April: Coms Site 3
    Sunday 25th of April: Coms Site 3
    Sunday 25th of April The RIDGE

    Due to the volume of people wanting to play when we reopen and to mitigate the people who book in and not show up, all bookings will be PRE-PAY in April.
    We will announce when Booking will Open for each event in advance so everyone has a chance to Book In and secure their Place.
    Rest assured, Rift Airsoft will still be maintaining Guidelines regarding COVID by still limiting numbers, checking temperatures, social distancing and hygiene. Face coverings will be required in covered areas/safezone.
    Please be aware that this information is subject to change, however, we feel that with the information we have, everything should be ok!

    We can’t wait to see you all again!
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft HQ

    Membership Time!

    Howdy Folks!
    Everyone at Rift HQ is VERY much looking forward to getting back to our Sites and running Games again. It might not be until the end of MARCH (or even April) depending on how things are going....
    Obviously, due to Lockdown we have come to the conclusion that lots of you who have purchased Membership with us are not getting all of the benefits that comes with Rift Membership as we are closed.
    So, we have decided to EXTEND Renewals & NEW Memberships to expire in JUNE 2022!
    If you renewed in November/December 2020 - your Membership will also be extended.

    So, it is a GREAT time to JOIN or RENEW your Membership as you get 15 Months for the Price of 12!

    Link for Membership and Benefits:

    Link for Renewals:

    Once you have joined or renewed we will Post your New Membership Card (and Velcro Shield Patch if you are New) to you, so please make sure we have your Address.
    We will also Update your UKARA to match your Membership Expiry Date!

    Please Note: Joining or renewing with Rift Airsoft REALLY helps us keep everything going through this tough time!
    Please tell your friends!

    Remember - Joining Rift Airsoft as a Member give you GREAT discounts on Game Days AND discount on Purchases from ONLYAIRSOFT.COM/

    Take care everyone - see you all soon!

    Tony R.I.F.T. Airsoft

    UPDATE Monday 4th of Jan 2021.


    Following Government Guidelines we are FORCED to CLOSE all Sites until further notice.
    Rift Airsoft will be monitoring Guidelines on a Weekly basis and look forward to reopening sometime in the near future.

    We cannot express how grateful we are to YOU - the wonderful community that has supported us through 2020. Let's hope we can all get back to normal soon!
    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year to you and Yours & we hope that you keep well throughout his Pandemic.

    Any questions? Please email me:

    ~Tony Rift Airsoft.

  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open 10-14 Days before
    the Event Date......

    Quick link: SITE INFO & BOOKING:
    When a Game Date is Open,
    Please click the GREEN Bar Below:



    SATURDAY 3rd of April
    Open Skirmish
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ Booking Opens 22nd March @ 9am

    SUNDAY 4th of April
    Open Skirmish!
    "The VILLAGE"
    (near Royston)
    SG8 5JS Booking Opens 22nd March @ 9am

    SUNDAY 4th of April
    Open Skirmish
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    (near Andover)
    SO20 8DY Booking Opens 22nd March @ 9am

    SUNDAY 11th of April
    Open Skirmish
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 18th of April
    Open Skirmish!
    OX13 6BX

    SUNDAY 18th of April
    Open Skirmish!
    "The VILLAGE"
    (near Royston)
    SG8 5JS

    SATURDAY 24th of April
    Open Skirmish
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 25th of April
    Open Skirmish
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    SUNDAY 25th of April
    Open Skirmish
    "The RIDGE"
    (near LUTON)
    MK45 4LG (nearest postcode)



    Please Note:
    PMR Radios are permitted for
    use on our Sites.
    Licensed Radios must comply
    to UK regulations.