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    Thank you for your continued Loyalty & Support!
    It is greatly appreciated

    PHOTOs from the 5th of Feb 2023!

    Amazing Sunday!

    Absolutely AWESOME!
    Great weather, great Sites and great PEOPLE!
    These photos speak a thousand words and show how much FUN Airsoft can be! Lots of amazing Gameplay and Sportsmanship.
    We cannot thank the Ministry of Defence enough for them to allow us to have the honour of using their land.
    We hope you all had a great time!

    CLICK HERE - 5th of Feb @ The BOMB DUMP

    CLICK HERE - 5th of Feb @ REDCON-2

    Thank you ALL so much for Playing!
    If you have never played before - give it a try, it's AWESOME!

    Thanks to the Rift Marshal Team as always!
    See you next time

    Time to get one of THESE!

    Hello fellow Rifters!
    To simplify our Membership Renewals, we split it to twice a Year:
    JUNE & DECEMBER. Membership is still only £25 for the Year!

    If you have a RED December 2022 Membership Card now is the time to RENEW! (if you want to, of course!)
    If your Membership has already EXPIRED, please renew at this time so you get a full Year Membership!

    Once renewed, we UPDATE your UKARA & post you a NEW Membership Card!
    You can still use your RED Card for discounts throughout December 2022 but after that your Membership will Expire...
    Membership is totally optional & is NOT required for you to book in and play, however, you miss out on awesome Discounts!


    Keeping it up to date is greatly appreciated & gives you best value for Money!
    If are looking to Renew (or Join!) - we really appreciate it, Thank You!



    As many of you know, we use the Membership Money to plough back into our Sites & add extra buildings/props/vehicles/maintenance, etc...
    We are so proud of the Rift Family you are all a part of!


    R.I.F.T. Gift Vouchers!

    If you are stuck for a Gift Idea for a friend/relative or loved one, why not treat them to R.I.F.T. Membership or a GIFT Voucher!?
    Vouchers are £25 each and are valid for 1 Year!

    (please remember to contact me with your Address to Post The Vouchers!)

    Best wishes everyone ~ R.I.F.T. HQ.

    PHOTOs are UP!

    29th of January - Coms Site 3!

    Fantastic, fun and BUSY day!
    HUGE apologies for the state of the track/road as you drive up to the Spinney. As you can see, HS2 have built themselves a new road across the boundary of our Site and left our access in a VERY poor state to say the least. We usually have a chap that visits the Site for us during the week (he would have given us the heads up and reported the issue) but he was unavailable, so, we didn't know until we got there at 6am!
    I am embarrassed on behalf of HS2 with regards to how they leave their work area and have no consideration for other people who use the land around them. Some cars actually scraped the ground as they bumped in and out of the huge dips in the ground. Not very good at all.
    Big thanks to the Marshals and Customers who helped fill in and flatten as much of the entrance as they could.

    On the flip side... we had the pleasure of MANY players (and Staff) from WARZONE Airsoft & Paintball visit us to play!
    Lovely bunch of people - very friendly and we all hope they had a great day.
    Site Owners & Staff rearly get a chance to play, so we are very grateful they chose to play at Coms Site 3!

    This time of year the Site looks very dull and open... bring on the Spring/Summer and it looks so much better! All being well, we will have good news from HS2 regarding access and we can then get onto "Phase 2" of adding lots of new features!
    In the meantime, we are having a Build & Tidy Day on the 19th of Feb!
    If you are interested in joining us - please ping me an email;

    Thanks again to EVERYONE for their support! Enjoy the Photos!
    ~ Tony.

    CLICK HERE - 29th of January @ Coms Site 3

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!

    "So much FUN!"

    Once again, so much Fun at our award winning "Coms Site 3"
    Yes, it was FREEZING but who cares when you are having FUN!?
    We love this Site so much as it really has something for everyone regardless of experience!
    Also, a few "Off Duty Marshals" got to Play & they really enjoyed
    themselves playing alongside you all.
    Thanks to everyone who took part on Sunday for the
    amazing "Rifty-350" Game Day!

    Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - Saturday 21st @ Coms 3

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 22nd @ Coms 3

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOs are UP!

    FIRST GAME BACK at REDCON-2; 2023!

    208 Players on a chilly, damp Sunday in January = AMAZING!
    I say this often but I really do mean it when I say THANK YOU ALL for choosing to play Rift Airsoft.
    REDCON-2 is becoming more popular every month we run Games there!
    We have had confirmation from the MoD to add new defences, structures and a couple of Sniper Towers! Roll on 2023!

    This was the first day back at REDCON since the amazing Christmas Game & it was a great day indeed!
    The Photos speak a thousand words! Such great Gameplay!
    The Marshal Team had to work extra hard and I am very proud of them.

    We run REDCON-2 on the FIRST & THIRD Sunday of the Month and we will be running a HUGE "Shift Your Rifts" Special Event on May Bank Holiday! More News to follow!
    For now....... enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - 15th of January; RECON-2

    BIG SHOUT to the Marshals for the Photos
    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    PHOTOs from the 8th of January
    At Coms Site 3!

    Thank You!
    Huge thank you to everyone who came along today for
    another Epic Day at Coms Site 3 & the Weather wasn't too bad (until home time when it pored down!)
    Great to see regulars, lot's of new faces and a few people we
    haven't seen for a while! Enjoy the Photos!

    CLICK HERE - 8th of Jan @ Coms 3

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!

    Great Start to 2023!

    What a beautiful Day with blue sky, chilly and no rain until 4pm!
    New Years Day was a Fun day and a fantastic start to 2023 - massive thank you to everyone who came along
    Winter Months are less popular due to the change in the weather and there is so much going on between Christmas and New Year, so we really do appreciate everyone who takes time to join us! We still had 86 Amazing people on Site (Lots of Sniper/DMR's!!)
    We are still in talks with HS2 regarding access to the Site as the existing track will be removed early 2023
    Enjoy this Site as much as you can!

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 1st of Jan @ Coms 3

    Big shout to the Marshals for the Photos!
    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all real soon!


    Christmas Game @ REDCON-2

    How UNLUCKY! We had a beautiful blue sky for over a week before this Event and then it RAINED on the Sunday! We don't mind the frost or even a bit of Snow but when it rains it makes the day so much more challenging!
    Having said that, it was a GREAT day indeed!
    The Fancy Dress this Year was rather imaginative! I'm not sure where the French Maid fits in to the Christmas theme... however, it did bring a smile to a few faces! The Nativity Costumes were great and congrats for getting 1st place! Great to see everyone having FUN within the Sport!
    We had "Juggabert" (The Juggernaut) as an Agent of the Grinch with BLUE Team trying to ruin Christmas!
    His Nemeses was Andy Bob as Mr Christmas with his Large Ball Balls!
    RED Team were helping Santa as always and did a fantastic Job but The Grinch Team was a little more organised this Year! I hope Santa still visits us all this Year!

    R.I.F.T. Airsoft is a just over 10 Years old now and we have had an amazing Journey filled with fun, friendship, lockdown, new sites, sites lost and growing costs! It has been stressful at times (mainly due to factors out of our control) but would we change anything? NO! We are SO lucky!
    We have seen people meet at Rift Airsoft, developed relationships and even got Married with Children! So many people have come together to form friendships and Airsoft Teams... what an amazing thing to happen!

    Big shout out to our friends at OnlyAirsoft for their continued support throughout the Year. They are now a Major Airsoft Wholesaler! They certainly have grown over the years! Well done!

    White Sphere Tactical. is now at every Rift Site with a huge amount of Airsoft products for players to choose from. Considering they only started in February 2022, they really have pulled out the stops in regards to stock holding and customer service! White Sphere Co. has also created several products with it's own label to deliver quality products with a value for money price tag. Amazing achievement guys - well done!

    Viper Tactical have always been VERY supportive to Rift Airsoft! Ian and his Team have been there with us at our big events to show support and showcase their amazing products. They have also uploaded some great Videos of kit and Rift Events.
    Ian still owes me a Burger... I will wait...

    Flash Bang Smoke!
    Trent and his AMAZING Pyrotechnics! These "UK Made" products are brilliant. Trent is a great guy and his dedication to getting everything ready in time is very much appreciated - best wishes Trent!

    Hazel & the Catering Crew have been delivering quality Food and drink for years and years but generally get overlooked for the EXTRA things they do to help the smooth running of the day... Thank you all so much for looking after us XX

    The R.I.F.T. Marshal Team:
    What can I say? The Marshal Team is, in my opinion, one of the BEST in the industry.
    Why? Simply put: THEY CARE.
    Very early start and late finish, they work hard through the heat, cold, wet and have to listen to lot's of "airsoft banter" (that's a good way to put it!) and ensure the props, games and players are all working as intended!
    It's a very TOUGH job if done properly.
    Thank you to all of the Rift Marshals, past and present. YOU are the people who make the day flow so well!

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    Without the support of the MoD, we would NOT be able to run such great Airsoft Days! I cannot express enough how GRATEFUL we are to have the privilege of using MoD land. Thank you!

    So, as we draw to the end of 2022, I would like to THANK each and every one of you who have played/supported Rift Airsoft.
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft not just a Family Business, it is a way of life for us and we promise to try to deliver the BEST Airsoft Game Days we can for you.
    We really hope you enjoy playing Rift Sites & we are looking for another Site to get stuck into! So, if you know of any Land (buildings/woodland/farms/anything) please let me know!

    I will now put the kettle on, grab a Mince Pie and relax until our next Game on the 1st of Jan 2023 @ Coms Site 3!

    TTFN @ Tony ~ R.I.F.T. HQ


    Enjoy the Photos

    CLICK ME: Christmas 2022 REDCON-2

    Thanks as always to the Marshals for the Photos!

    PHOTOs are UP!

    Another Epic Year @ Coms Site 3!
    Thank you ALL for joining us!

    I must admit - when we lost 20% of our land to HS2, I wondered if that would impact the popularity of the Site... We did BUILD extra features (and have lots more planned) but to my humbled surprise, I couldn't have been more wrong!
    Coms Site 3 Fully Books every two weeks! 90% of players who book actually turn up (so we slightly over book for that reason!) and we REALLY appreciate everyone who comes to play - thank you all very much!

    We are "still" waiting to find out how we will gain access to the Site once HS2 have dug up the main Entrance! We are working VERY hard behind the scenes to ensure we have something in place but the clock is ticking and everything takes AGES to get an answer!
    Rest assured, R.I.F.T. Airsoft will be fighting to the end to keep the Site open.

    Great turnout for the Sunday Christmas Game! Prizes and Mince Pies were very well received and the SNOW made it very "Christmassy" indeed!
    The Fancy Dress was fantastic! MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took time to dress up! The Reindeer made me chuckle! (Great Teamwork!)
    We are all very proud and grateful that you choose to play at R.I.F.T. Airsoft.
    See you all back at Coms Site 3 for the NEW YEARS DAY SKIRMISH!

    ~ Tony R.I.F.T. HQ

    Merry RIFTMAS Everyone!

    CLICK HERE - Saturday 10th of December!

    CLICK HERE - Sunday 11th of December!

    Thank you ALL for Playing at RIFT Airsoft!
    See you all in 2023!

  • R.I.F.T. Event Dates

    Game Bookings typically
    Open on the Monday
    at 9am 13 Days before
    the Event Date.....

    Quick Link For BOOKING:
    When BOOKING is Open,
    please click the GREEN Bar Below:


    Sunday 12th of February
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    Sunday 19th of February
    OX13 6BX

    SATURDAY 25th of February
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    Sunday 26th of February
    RIFTY-350 Event
    (Max 350fps all RIFs)
    Open Skirmish - all Welcome!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ


    Sunday 5th of March
    "The BOMB DUMP"
    Middle Wallop
    (near Andover, Hampshire)
    SO20 8DY (see Map on Booking Page for Entrance!)

    Sunday 5th of March
    OX13 6BX

    SATURDAY 11th of March
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    Sunday 12th of March
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    Sunday 19th of March
    OX13 6BX

    Sunday 19th of March
    "THE RIDGE!"
    Barton Le Clay
    (near Luton)
    MK45 4LG (nearest Postcode)
    (see MAP on booking page for Entrance location)

    SATURDAY 25th of March
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ

    Sunday 26th of March
    RIFTY-350 Event
    (Max 350fps all RIFs)
    Open Skirmish - all Welcome!
    "Com's Site 3"
    (near Banbury)
    OX17 1LZ


    * CONFIRMED! *
    27TH & 28TH OF MAY
    (Bank Holiday Weekend!)
    OX13 6BX

    More Dates added soon!


    Please Note:
    PMR Radios are permitted for
    use on our Sites.
    Licensed Radios must comply
    to UK regulations.