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    Unhappy Full auto and semi problem on my v3 cyma ak

    I'm new to the tech side of airsoft and airsoft in general. I decided to upgrade my Cyma ak just for better accuracy and faster rps and also to get a nicer trigger response but after i was putting it back together my trigger would always lock on full auto and when its on semi if i shot it fast enough it would swap back to full auto on its own and i don't think its a missed placed or broken trigger spring because I've used about 2 different ones and all of them do the same thing, also iv'e opened it up and put it back together about 9 times (i counted) and every time the same problem and i am certain everything else is put together in the correct places. PLEASE HELP

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    I don't know if this is fixed and I'm not an expert I'm have a similar issue with one of my RIF's that I've not got around to fixing. As you haven't given a list of upgrades I'm going to assume that you have upgraded the motor for higher torque, the barrel and possibly, spring and piston.

    If you've upgraded the motor the issue will likely be with how much current it is getting to it, the trigger basically acts as a circuit break, when you pull the trigger the circuit completes and the motor turns. Now when pulling the trigger in quick succession we have a habit of not releasing it fully, this can lead to the contacts not separating or being so close together you get arcing, meaning excess voltage going to the motor causing it to continuously turn as if in fully automatic.

    Now someone can correct me here, but you could try adding a mosfet so that the trigger doesn't directly apply voltage to the motor. This means the trigger acts only as a signal switch and should reduce arcing and wear on the contacts, but also increase motor response.

    As I say, I'm no expert so you may want to get verification on what I've said.


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