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    GHK G5 Bullpup + Carbine kit + spare parts

    Hi people

    I'm hoping a Rift member will find a new home for my GHK G5
    I'm not using it enough thus I would prefer someone will give it some tlc

    Currently has a Prom Returner barrel and adjustable nozzle
    Max fps is approx 410 and can run up to black/winter gas
    Has a semi sear installed
    5 leak free mags included

    Spare parts
    Carbine kit
    Original stick + M4 adaptor
    New adjustable nozzle - not on picture
    Hammer + spring
    Auto sear
    hop chamber
    charging handle
    Steel mag valve key
    A few spare bb loader adapters

    Looking at 350

    I'll bring the kit for display if I can get into the Village games

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    To spice up the offer, for a limited time only - Till the end of the year
    I'll add my Bushnell TRS-25 Red dot sight to the offer

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    Will be bringing Kit down to the Com3 site on Sunday
    Reducing Price to 300

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    Reducing the price to 275

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    Item is now sold

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