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    Game Date: The VILLAGE - Sunday 17th of February (Royston, Herts - SG8 5JS)

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    Sunday 17th of February
    Open Skirmish!

    "The VILLAGE"
    Royston (Hertfordshire)
    SG8 5JS


    The Site;
    Owned and maintained by Apocalypse Paintball.
    We have been given the privilege to run Airsoft Events on their Land on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month!
    A very nice Mixture of natural Woodland with man made structures and defenses.
    Old vehicles, sandbags, trenches, Tyre stacks and oil drums act as perfect cover for some seriously FUN Airsoft Scenarios!
    One of the most popular Sites in Hertfordshire

    New Players (Hire Kit Available) & Experienced Players with their own Kit Welcome.
    NO restrictions on ammo quantities.
    All "Loadouts" Welcome.
    AEG's, GAS, Co2 & HPA systems welcome;
    (All subject to FPS rules listed below)
    This event is focused on fast paced tactical action!
    No hunting for your prey... this Battlefield is busy!
    *All Players are required to read & understand English for Safety Compliance*
    Please read the rules & info below!

    All Players New to R.I.F.T. get 5 off!

    * All Payments with CASH is preferred on the day.
    (Speeds up the signing in process!)
    * NO deposit required to book in.

    * Card Payments Can Be Taken (minimum swipe 5)
    * Small charge may be applicable for some purchases.

    Please download our disclaimer and bring it with you to speed up your signing in process.
    (We have plenty of Printed Disclaimers on Site if you do not have a Printer!)

    Arrive - 08:00 - 09:00 (SHARP!!)
    GATE CLOSES AT 9am Please Arrive In Time!
    Booked Hire Kit? Please Arrive BEFORE 08:30!
    Briefing - 09:30
    Start - 10:00
    Various 50 minute games with short break of 20 mins
    Lunch - 13:00 (45 mins)
    Various 50 minute games with short break of 20 mins
    Finish - 16:00 (approx)

    New Players, we highly recommend bringing:
    Camouflage Clothing, Boots/Gloves/Scarf/Hat or Cap
    (DARK CLOTHING if you do not have Camouflage)

    25 Game Fee (Use your own equipment)


    45 Weapon Hire, Ammo & Mask
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft Weapon & Ammo Package Includes:
    Your Game Fee, High Quality Assault Rifle, 3000 Blaster bb's, 2 x Hi-Capacity Magazines & Full Face Mask if required.
    If you already have QUALITY Ammunition, please deduct 5 from this Package.

    Site Facilities
    Parking Area - YES
    Free Battery Charging YES
    Toilets For Gents - YES
    Toilet For Ladies - YES
    Undercover Set Up Area - YES
    On Site Tech & Mini-Shop - YES
    Hot & Cold Food & Drink all Day - YES
    Friendly Happy Staff! - YES INDEED!

    Tony's Mini Shop
    Free Battery Charging (Li-Po, Li-Fe, DEANS, NiMH, etc)
    R.I.F.T. Mugs, T-Shirts & Hoodies!
    **18 & OVER**
    Ring Pull Smokes 3 for 12

    .20g x 3000 6 Members, 9 Non-Members
    .25g x 3000 8 Members, 10 Non-Members

    .28g x 3000 14
    .30g x 3000 15
    .40g x 1000 14
    .43g x 1000 15
    Co2 Bulbs 3 for 2
    Green Gas 10
    Winter Gas 15
    Speed Loaders 4

    On Site Shop
    COMBAT-UK will have a very well stocked Mini Shop for you all!
    Airsoft Monkey (Phil & Reece) Offer Tech Services: Upgrades & Repairs.

    Food & Drink
    Our lovely Catering Crew will be serving;
    Starting at 2.50
    Snacks & Drinks are served all day. Lunch is approx 1pm.
    Tea/Coffee 60p unless you have bought a R.I.F.T. Mug, then its FREE!
    Choc Bars 60p

    (Vegetarian? Please bring your own food & we will cook it for you)

    Age Limit
    We are insured for ages 12 and Over
    (please contact us before booking under 16's - Thank you!)

    Eye Protection
    Rift Airsoft Highly recommends FULL FACE Protection for all Players.
    Full Face Protection will be available to borrow if required.
    All players who bring their own Eye Protection on Site MUST ensure it can withstand a point-blank impact from a .20g bb @ 500fps.

    FPS Limits

    Spring, Co2 or Gas - not to exceed 350fps

    Spring, Co2 or Gas, single or Multishot - not to exceed 350fps

    Electric or Gas Assault Weapon:
    350 FPS - Full Auto allowed at range - Single Shot when close.
    Maximum 2 Second Burst when using Full Auto!

    Support Weapons:
    MAX 370 FPS - 20 meter minimum engagement rule.
    Support Weapons Firing between 350-370 FPS must adhere to 20 metre engagement rule & may use a 4 second burst, with the bi-pod deployed, firing from a static fixed position. A Support Gunner may use a 2 second burst when they are moving from one position to another.
    Side arm required for CQB.
    Support Weapons Firing 350 fps and below may engage at close range, however, we will ask that you do NOT fire Full Auto point blank at another player.
    4 Second Burst allowed as long as the Bi-Pod is deployed and the weapon is being fired from a static fixed position.

    DMR - Semi Auto Only
    Maximum 500fps 30 meter minimum engagement rule.
    2/3 Second delay between shots / wait until the first shot has landed before firing again.
    (typical battery operated Semi Auto Weapon) - side arm required for CQB.

    Sniper / Bolt Action:
    Maximum 500fps - 30 meter minimum engagement rule.
    (typical long range Sniper - side arm required for CQB)
    We allow all Airsoft weapons on Site as long as they are strictly in line with UK FPS limits.


    Please use the shooting range provided

    Airsoft Guns ONLY - *No "BB" Airguns*
    Plastic BB's ONLY - *No Metal or Glass BB's*
    NO TAG ROUNDS - NO "40 MIKE" Launchers

    We allow the use of Hobby Lasers up to Class III/3r (Red or Green)
    It is strictly forbidden to directly aim the Laser towards players eyes.
    Lasers are to be used to intimidate and mark targets.

    Co2 weapons are welcome but must adhere to the FPS limits regarding to their particular Weapon type. We ask all players to dry fire their C02 powered weapons several times when they have inserted a NEW c02 bulb.
    This will help settle in the new bulb and reduce the risk of the first few shots exceeding the 350fps rule.

    HPA Weapons are welcome but must remain locked to the correct FPS limit for that particular Weapon type. Any HPA or Gas Powered Weapon System with a very high rate of fire will be restricted to a ONE second burst when fired Fully Automatic.

    Pyrotechnic & Blank Fire Grenades
    ONLY SMOKES are Permitted.

    A Full Safety Brief will be held before the Games begin!

    Please Book In to Secure a Spot - this helps us judge the quantity of food to buy and you may be turned away on the gate if we are fully booked! Let us know you are coming!

    Site Address
    (Apocalypse Paintball)
    Old North Rd
    SG8 5JS

    Google Map

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    Please book in to secure your place!

    Booking In is Simple:
    1.) Via this Website (Recommended)
    2.) Via Text Message (Recommended)
    3.) Via Phone Call
    4.) Via email
    5.) Via Facebook

    1.) If you wish to book in via this Website you will need to register before you
    can post.(Admin will authorize your username as soon as possible)
    Once Registered: Please reply to the this thread by typing in the quick reply
    panel below & clicking "Reply To Thread"

    2.) Book in by Text Message - Tony 0775 158 6781
    3.) Book in by Phone Call - Tony 0775 158 6781
    4.) Book in by email -
    5.) Book in via Facebook -

    Please let me know if you or any of your guests require Hire Kit!

    I'll add your name(s) to the list once you have confirmed.

    Please let me know your "REAL" name!
    Nicknames are cool but for booking in purposes we need to have your real name!


    Adam Greenwood
    Adam Muricroft
    Adam Sharkey
    Alex Lee
    Allan Hopkins
    Allan Swales
    Andrei Gliga
    Andrew McLean
    Andrew Nicholas
    Andrius Eiva
    Anthony Edwards
    Archi Bainbridge (W/H/A/M)
    Aron Hubbard
    Arunas Budrevicius
    Ash Hutchins
    Ashley Ballington
    Ashley Hadfield
    Ashley Street (W/H/A/M)
    Ben Herbert
    Ben Rafton (W/H/A/M)
    Bobina Dan
    Bradley Postance
    Brett DeTute
    Callum Wells
    Cameron Munro
    Cesar Diniz (W/H/A/M)
    Charles Woodfield
    Charlie Caulder
    Chris Gifford Page
    Connor Taylor
    Connor Winters (W/H/A/M)
    Craig Colfer
    Curtis Hossack
    Dan Killip
    Dan Ryan
    Dan Smith
    Daniel Hume (W/H)
    Danny Parfitt
    Darron Whitbread
    Dave Alexander
    Dave Farrow
    Dave Smith
    David Tyszeki
    Dean Goggins
    Dom Hills
    Ed Butler (W/H)(Carbine)
    Eloise Airey
    Emmeline Airey
    Ernoldas Pocius
    Ethan Emoli
    Ewan Bosowitz
    Finn Myott (W/H/A/M)
    George Carder
    George Cozma
    George Greenall
    Giedrius Platkevicius
    Harry Cook
    Ian Lambell
    Ian Ryan
    Ivo Ivano (W/H/A/M)
    Izidor C Pop (W/H/A/M)
    Jack Herd
    Jack Rose
    Jack Wagner
    Jacob Patience
    Jake Carrington (W/H/A)
    James McFadden
    James Wright
    James Xaio
    Jamie Burbridge (W/H/A/M)
    Jamie Downing
    Jamie Hadley
    Jamie Newman
    Jamie Pearce
    Jared Weaver
    Jason Bushaway
    Jay Dalgarno
    Jay Stephens
    Jeff Neighbour
    Joe Goggins
    Joe Young
    John Munn
    Jon Reed (W/H)
    Jordan Morris
    Josh Stangroom
    Josh Wintle (W/H/A/M)
    Kane Richie
    Karl Whitbread
    Keiran Moorley
    Laura Carr (W/H/A/M)
    Lawrence Moore
    Lee Ferridge
    Les Alligan
    Lewis Church (W/H/A/M)
    Liam Moorley
    Liam Slade
    Liam Spice (W/H)
    Lucas Diniz
    Luciano Cesar
    Marc Barnett
    Marc Young
    Martin Bosowitz
    Martin Carder
    Matt Forbes
    Matthew Bradbeer
    Matthew Rigling
    Max Guthrie
    Max Joy
    Mel simpkins
    Mike Munro
    Nathan Nazereth
    Nick Sutton
    Nicolae Antonie
    Oliver Munn
    Oliver Sewell
    Ollie Scott (W/H/A/M)
    Olly Davies
    Ovwen Tice (W/H/A/M)
    Patrick Ryan
    Paul Druce
    Reece Bosowitz
    Reece Wagner
    Robbie Bushaway
    Robert McKibbin
    Rocco Cesar
    Rocky Jasiulevicius
    Roger Lindsey
    Ross Alexander
    Ross DeTute
    Ross Hancock
    Ryan Church
    Ryan Cox
    Ryan Hubbard
    Ryan Maynard (W/H/A/M)
    Ryan Newcomb
    Ryan White (W/H/A/M)
    Sam Houghton (W/H/A/M)
    Sam Beals
    Saulius Sveikauskas
    Scott Hawkins
    Sean Thomson (W/H)(Carbine)
    Sergio Diniz (W/H/A/M)
    Simon Draper
    Sonya Parfitt (W/H)
    Stuart Back
    Tarran Ibbett
    Thomas Grey (W/H/A/M)
    Thomas Pye (W/H/A/M)
    Tim Cook
    Tom Howard (W/H/A/M)
    Tomas Zaleckas
    Tony Evans
    Tony Perrott
    Tyler Ferridge
    Vytautas Simenas
    Will Roberts
    William Godfrey
    William Viney


    Booked Hire Kit? Please Arrive BEFORE 08:30!

    Please always TEXT me if you have booked in but can no longer come; Tony 07751586781
    On average, 20 players book in and don't show up!

    Thank you!

    Cheats RUIN Other People's Day! Don't Do It!

    We have individual Facebook Pages for Each Site!
    Tony's Facebook Page
    COMS SITE 3 Facebook Page
    The BOMB DUMP Facebook Page
    The VILLAGE (Hertfordshire) Facebook Page
    The RIDGE (Near LUTON) Facebook Page

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    Morning Tony.
    Can I please book on the following,

    Paul Druce
    Tony Evans
    Dave Alexander
    Jay Dalgarno
    Ashley Hadfield
    Ryan Newcomb
    Jamie Newman
    Dave Farrow
    Ollie Scott (W/H/A/M)
    Stuart Back
    Dan Smith

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    Good morning Tony

    I'd like to book:

    For Walk on:
    Dan Killip
    Anthony Edwards
    Allan Swales
    Les Alligan
    Tim Cook

    For full hire:
    Ben Wager
    Enrico Reich
    Eliana Londono
    Sam Dudley
    Sam Houghton
    Tom Howard
    Archi Bainbridge
    Marco Procaccini
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    Can you please book the following for walk on:

    Ryan Cox
    David Tyszeki
    Robert McKibbin
    Andrew Nicholas
    Rocky Jasiulevicius


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    Thank you - List Updated!

    Some big Group Bookings there!
    Please confirm with everyone in your Group that they are 100% attending
    Thank you very much!

    Cheats RUIN Other People's Day! Don't Do It!

    We have individual Facebook Pages for Each Site!
    Tony's Facebook Page
    COMS SITE 3 Facebook Page
    The BOMB DUMP Facebook Page
    The VILLAGE (Hertfordshire) Facebook Page
    The RIDGE (Near LUTON) Facebook Page

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    Hi Tony
    George Greenall walk on please

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    Evening Tony,
    Could i please book for walk on:

    Brett DeTute
    Ross DeTute
    Adam Greenwood


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    Ed Butler (Carbine)
    Sean thomson (Carbine)

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    Hi Tony,

    Two walk ons please.

    George Carder
    Martin Carder


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