I have tagged the entire album and will select a few pictures for here. I have only listed the major parts, i have loads more extras if bought as a bulk load. Using a few second hand site for airsoft the main parts come to over 2,000 as second hand items. I will list the major stuff individually, but for anyone that got the cash then bulk I will make sure you have a great deal.

Marui (Recoil) 416 DEVGRU AEG Airsoft Rifle EBB (KOA upgraded, Spring, R-hop, Neo magnet motor plus spectre mosfet, prometheus steel bushings) - 2 x magpul PTS mags and pulls. 8 x low cap TM mags and magpul pulls, 2 x high cap flash mags. Touch sensitive red light, PTS angled foregrip, railing guards and red dot/Optical King zoom scope in a hard case. QD conenctions and 5.11 tactical QD sling. Shoots lovely and loves the .28/.30 BB's. This was the top end range gun when bought and was upgrade by Kingdom if Airsoft. People up at Coms know the gun and how well it performs.

  • Cracker G&P stubby loud M4 variant, really compact and makes a great noise. You can really hear it when indoors.
  • ASG Shotgun + scab + TM shells + sling - probably my favorite gun, spring ASG shottie with attachments and scabard
  • TM Glock 18C GBB + gas + holster + mags - gas blow back automatic pistol in quick release holder, also come with a belt/trouser holder and lanyard. Includes 3 standard mags, 1 extended mags that work fine. 1 x standard and 1 x extended that needs the seals repalcing. Pistol loader and cleaning tool. Gas valve adjuster. 5 full or almost full cans, 3 low cans of gas. Coleman propane and adapter to fill mags at a cheaper cost)
  • Warrior Assault system - Tan system with loads of pouches, great vest and customisable.
  • Viper Tac Vest - black for CQB/night work, loads of pouches to confgure
  • m4 magpul mag
  • m4 magpul mag
  • M4 mags x 8
  • M4 Hi flash mag x 2
  • MagPull Pull tabs x 11
  • Oshi Boom (9/12) - come with adapter for both size blanks blank firing grenade
  • Alpha-tec - 6 shot large blanks blank firing grenade
  • Batteries - loads of batteries for various guns.
  • Chrono - great condition and acurate
  • Hard case - hard case to carry gun
  • hard case - hard case to carry gun
  • Li-po charger - intelligent charger for all battery types
  • Tan backpack - MOLLE back pack for use in safe zone or on patrol in SIMS
  • Tab battle belt - quick - belt for pistol use and light load outs
  • Tan belt pistol HSG - HSG mag pouch and puches
  • Black pouches - CQB/Dark loadout
  • Tan pouches - addiotnal pouches
  • Base jump helmet - tan/MTP- extra padding and boxes
  • despatch olive bag - quick/light loadout bag
  • Motorola PTT - Forgotten model, but its the one to have for airsoft.
  • various pouches - mixed pouches
  • Tan load out - desert tan bottoms and tops and caps - large 34"
  • Black loadout - 36" trousers and top for the CQB loadouts

I will add more as I go through the list etc, its taken me all day too get this far

Google album https://photos.app.goo.gl/YbNv6GgKcYPwjrTh7 -