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    New(-ish) and raring to go

    Hey Guys, I've played on/off over the last 10 years but typically once a year. Just Started going regularly to a few sites, grabbed my UKARA and finally got myself together a semi-respectable newbie kit. Hoping to jump into some RIFT games, maybe Red-Con 2 this March (on that topic, can someone tell me the difference between Open and Tactical Skirmish?) and go from once a month to twice a month.

    Love the community so far, managed to get a few friends hooked too.

    Looking forward to meeting the RIFT regulars,


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    Hello & Welcome!

    Open Skirmish = Typically Bigger Number Games, no Medic Rule, easy to follow Scenarios.
    Tactical Skirmish = Medic Rule, Forward Respawns & a focus on a more tactical approach to complete objectives.

    See you soon!


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