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    New guy

    hi everyone,

    My name is Adam Theobald, and i also go by the nickname Spartan09.

    I am pretty new to airsoft, having been convinced to give the sport a try by my younger brother who has been playing various sites for the past few years.

    i have played 3 sites so far: UCAP Vendetta (Former HMP Gloucester, CQB site), Red 1 The school, and redcon 2, and i am hooked.

    i will be playing at Comms site 3 on the 22nd March, and will be attending both days of the "shift your RIFTs" event.

    guns i currently own are:
    NUPROL Pioneer Defender (with 3x hi-cap mags)
    WE Tech G26c Advance (5x 26 round mags)
    S&T M203 grenade launcher (with 6x 120 round grenade shells i had to order from America)
    and a Tokyo Marui P-90 (with one mid-cap and 2x hi-cap mags)

    i hope to make new friends through this amazing sport, and i look forward to meeting you all soon .

    and here is a link to a pic of me in my gear at redcon a few weeks ago:

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    So many great Memories to be made through Playing Airsoft!
    Sounds like you have played some amazing Sites already!

    See you soon!

    Cheats RUIN Other People's Day! Don't Do It!

    We have individual Facebook Pages for Each Site!
    Tony's Facebook Page
    COMS SITE 3 Facebook Page
    The BOMB DUMP Facebook Page
    The VILLAGE (Hertfordshire) Facebook Page
    The RIDGE (Near LUTON) Facebook Page
    REDCON-2 (Abingdon) Facebook Page

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