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    So sad that The Ridge on 26th Apr is cancelled

    Was really looking forward to The Ridge since August 2019 when I missed out on going. Have had an alarm set to remind me to book it soon as booking opens for weeks.

    Personally I think this virus is being vastly exaggerated and it's all going to die away very suddenly, so let's hope that happens and the games can be reinstated soon!

    The gov are going to have to lift the lockdown ASAP anyway or the economic damage will far outstrip any health concerns. I suspect we are already at that point now.

    I'm very confident the game tomorrow will be 100% safe with a little bit of common sense employed. Just terrible it could be the last game for some time. Hopefully RIFT won't suffer financially.

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    Thanks for your understanding!
    We HATE cancelling Games and are rather worried!

    If by chance anything changes that allows us to get back to running games we will let everyone know via this Website and Facebook!

    Stay safe, keep well, Tony

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