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    Today at the village

    Great day today at the village. First time at that site, great feeling to it, loads of teamwork. Thanks to all involved, I'll definitely play there again.

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    So, at the risk of usurping the thread... why "_mortar"? Do you play with a motar, if so which one?

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    Nah, fraid not. The name's kind of a private joke with my sons (who also play at rift sites). It came from a drunken conversation about philosophy of science.
    Got to say though, an airsoft mortar does sound fun.

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    We have used Mortars in the Past - they are Show Stoppers when they go off!
    We use a 20 Meter "Kill Radius" where ever the Mortar Lands.... They are FEARED!

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    I hope you had a nice time

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