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    Quality BBs - What are they?

    Good Afternoon,

    I have a question to ask regarding BBs.

    All the time Im hearing the phrase 'Only use quality BBs' and some web stores state that using 'Non quality BBs' can void warranty.

    But what is considered a quality BB?
    How do you know the difference?
    How can you make an informed decision with regards to quality BBs?
    Where is the line drawn between quality and non quality BBs?
    How are non quality BBs allowed on the market?

    Im almost too worried to purchase BBs in case I pick up non quality BBs and get shunned/ banned.



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    I'm surprised that you haven't have a reply to this yet. You probably already know what a quality BB is, but just in case:

    Minimum 0.2g white BBs, avoid yellow ones and under 0.2g
    Avoid bulk unbranded BBs
    I would say, minimum will be AGSs 0.2g
    If you want really good quality ones, Valkyrie BBs are excellent.


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    I must have missed the original post - apologies!

    Ballantin has got it spot on....

    Avoid the cheap .12g bb's you frin on eBay 10,000.00 for 5! They are not Quality!
    Valkyrie is the newest brand to hit the Market and they are VERY good indeed!
    ASG Blasters are another favorite

    Quality Ammo is great value for money, so there is no reason to buy anything less!

    As Ballentin said - .20g bb is the starting weight.

    Happy Shopping!

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    Evening @Ballantin @Tony

    Thanks for the reply's.

    Happy with the weights being .20g up it was the brands I wondered about but as long as I avoid bulk 'bags' I should be good.

    Also used Valkyrie .25g last skirmish and had a great game.


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