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    Pre-pay will destroy airsoft for some of us!

    Hi to one and all,

    A pretty shocking title for a very sad but true scenario...

    Covid has ravaged this country and its peoples, one way by which is the dramatic changes to some of our incomes.
    We don

    Well got ****ed up pretty quick, your crap forum software only posted the first quarter of the post, ffs!
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    So disappointed that I can hardly express my self now... **** pre-pay!

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    I agree! I really do not like Pre-Pay at all.... (hence we never usually add Pre-Pay to our Bookings)
    As you might have read, Pre Pay is temporary (April only) due to fact that MANY Players book in and don't show up!
    Average of 10 "No Shows" at each Game & we are running 9 Events in April, that equals to 90 players (approx) who would have booked and not shown up!
    That would be too much at this stage considering Lockdown and the HUGE investment made at Coms Site 3 (see Coms Facebook for info!)
    After being locked down for so long we need to maximise the spaces we have.

    As for our Crap Forum Software (as you call it) perhaps you could explain the issue so I can relay that to my Web Guy to fix?

    Also, if you had issues Booking in or Pre Pay isn't good for you, perhaps you could have dropped me an email or text for a chat? Maybe sort something out to help you get booked in....

    Your Posts are rather negative but we are always here to help....

    My email address is:

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