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    SHIFT YOUR RIFTS 2021 (August Bank Holiday)


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    August Bank Holiday (28th & 29th of August)
    "SHIFT YOUR RIFT's" is here!
    REDCON-2 (Dalton Barracks, Abingdon)
    OX13 6BX
    Gate Opens 7am Saturday Morning...

    Main Attractions:
    Award Winning Retailer(s) and Manufacturers!
    Only Airsoft (Combat-UK) will be on Site to serve your needs along with Valkyrie Precision Ammunition!
    Other Popular Retailers and Manufacturers to be announced soon!

    All Day Airsoft Skirmish:
    We will be running our “TOTAL WAR” Experience. This will include uninterrupted Airsoft on Saturday and Sunday with a short break for the “Spawn Swap”… Forward Spawns, MEDIC Rule and LOTS of cool objectives for you to get stuck into! Play as little OR as much Airsoft as you like! It’s your Day to enjoy it as you wish!
    Military Vehicles will be an addition to the Game Area too!

    Airsoft & Militaria Boot Sale:
    EVERYONE is Welcome to bring their unwanted Airsoft and Military equipment to sell!
    (Sellers of RIFs MUST check the buyer has a VALID defence to purchase)
    All trades must be completed honestly. No illegal items permitted on Site at any time.
    This is a chance to Grab a Bargain OR top up your Piggy Bank!

    Unofficial Night Ops!
    After LOTS of requests (and some begging!) we will be running a small, 1 hour Night Op for those brave Soldiers with their Night Vision Gear! If you don't have NV - no worries, you are still Welcome to test your wits in the dark!
    A full briefing and Q&A's will take place Saturday PM BEFORE dark....

    We are happy to Announce that there will be a Fully Licenced "Army Beer Tent" for you all to enjoy!
    Just £2 per bottle (Beer/Cider - no Spirits!) with proceeds going to the Army Benevolent Fund (fantastic charity)
    To ensure the maximum can be raised, we are asking you to keep your Beers in the Fridge at home and SUPPORT the Army Beer Tent on Site! Beers will be chilled - just for YOU!
    We MUST mention that the "Shift Your Rift's" Event is NOT about getting tanked up on Beers! It is about enjoying a relaxed Social time with your friends and the NEW friends you will make!
    So, light alcohol consumption is welcome...
    You are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked food.
    NO lit fires/BBQs or Stoves allowed in the Grass Camping area (FIRE HAZARD!)

    Catering is available from AM-PM. LOTS of hard work, planning and costs have been made to ensure you can all be fed and watered! Please support the on Site Catering. Breakfast AM - Lunch and Evening Meals available at the usual LOW Rift Prices!
    Please be reminded there is NO cooking in the Camping area (risk of Fire) unless you have a Camper or Caravan!
    If you have any Allergies - please let the kitchen staff know BEFORE you make any purchase! Hazel is keeping an eye on the Weather - if it looks like it will be HOT - she will have ICE CREAM for you too!

    Entry Price for the Boot Sale:
    One Airsoft Boot Sale PITCH is FREE to everyone who books in and PAYS to Play each day they are on Site.
    Anyone who has booked in and is playing can visit the Boot Sale area at any time.

    EVERYONE is Welcome to VISIT REDCON-2 even if they wish to “Pitch Up” or “Browse” and NOT PLAY!
    Pitch Fee = £5 (Pitch up and browse)
    Visit Only = £5 (Take a look and grab a bargain!)
    Wristbands will be given to all on Entry. Each Colour wristband will denote your Entry Status:
    Player Saturday
    Player Sunday
    Player Weekend
    Boot Sale Pitch
    Visitor to Browse

    Camping available SATURDAY Evening Only.
    Beer Tent – LIGHT Alcohol consumption please!
    Indoor and outdoor toilets, HUGE area of concrete and grass parking. Electricity: Battery Charging, etc.
    Full Selection of Valkyrie Ammunition, GAS, Pyro and consumables & LARGE on Site SHOP!
    R.I.F.T. Airsoft will provide Hot and Cold Food during the Day – the ARMY Cater for us in the Evening!
    Security Staff to ensure everyone is SAFE & enjoying the Event!

    Extra Activities:
    Competition Time! We will be running a series of different Airsoft Competitions for you to show how awesome you are with various Weapon Types! Competition Winners get PRIZES!
    Enter the fantastic Combat-UK Raffle! As always, there will be fantastic Prizes to be Won!

    Price Per Person:
    Single Day Entry - £30 (includes Game Fee, Boot Sale Pitch & Camping for one day)
    Weekend Entry - £60 (includes Game Fee, Boot Sale Pitch & Camping for BOTH days)
    Weapon Hire – add £15, Hire Kit Ammo (3000) add £5, MASK = FREE use.

    Cheats RUIN Other People's Day! Don't Do It!

    We have individual Facebook Pages for Each Site!
    Tony's Facebook Page
    REDCON-2 (Abingdon) Facebook Page
    The BATTERY (indoor Site) ESSEX Facebook Page
    The BOMB DUMP Facebook Page

    COMS SITE 3 Facebook Page
    ** Currently CLOSED for HS2 works **

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    Promotional Flyer: FRONT:

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    Promotional Flyer, REAR:

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