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    Question Golden Eagle Gbbr's 2022

    Has anyone had any experience with the Golden Eagle GBBR's that have appeared?

    Golden Eagle MC6642 M4 KeyMod GBBR

    For my first rifle, I really like the idea of a GBBR as its fairly solid and no batteries!!! Also the 50 round mags don't bother me, just need to stop spraying.

    Looking at reviews all over they seem really easy to maintain, newer GBBR's don't suffer from the cold if you take it easy and not full auto constantly, only minor FPS drop across the mag 350 start can drop to 320 at the end of the mag, and gas'n'go feels nice and lazy to me!

    Your thoughts?

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    That is a very nice looking bit of kit!
    I must admit though, I always steered clear of GBB due to the changes with temperature etc...
    I hope there is someone here that can answer your question

    Best wishes


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    I have a month to get some info, plan B is grab a CYMA AEG and just grim a bare it.

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    i would suggest starting with a AEG, as said, GBB suffers from cold weather. ok in warmer weather. plus gbb's are a romantic idea, but no way near as consistant as an AEG.

    best option is to research the weapons your thinking off by watching youtube reviews, see what others think and how it fires.

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