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    Review: Com's Site 3, 29th September 2013 :P

    Hi Everyone!

    I have to say, today's game (My second, so happy I chose R.I.F.T. ) was absolutely fantastic! Everyone called their hits, especially Bambi, who was positively blasted during the Gold Bullion Run for Blue Team. The warm-up game was brilliant, so was Total Control (Go Blues!). Somehow the Reds managed to get the bomb back after both of the bomb rounds... (Not mentioning any names Tony ). But really, everyone was excellent, Both Red & Blue. You guys are awesome! I'm definitely coming to the next game at Com's Site 3... And me, being the show-off I am, Woohoo! Gimme the Gold!


    ~ Joe

    P.S: Ricky should tell his stories all the time!
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    Yeah big tank you to Tony and all the staff for a great day, it was my second time there but I came with the crew from the MK site and everyone had a great time, Mack said he was pleased to have had the chance to have a good chat with you Tony.

    We'll get the gang back at some point and aim to bring some more with us next time

    I'll aim to get the videos form my camera uploaded during the week which I'll link on the forums

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    Thanks to all the RIFT team, marshals and pro airsoft for today. Was a really good one. Had some epic fire fights, I was hiding in conservatory when reds had to get the bomb. Wow somebody was hammering the Perspex with what sounded like stones. I was not on getting hit by what ever that was laying allot of fire. Reds were relentless in there flanking and assault. I'm surprised I didn't get hit till the very end when I ran out of ammo and had no back up. Was great fun today I was we'll into in.

    My other highlight was my spending spree in pro where I got my new toy.
    Oh and the ford focus owners club parking :P cheers Steve


    Oh my other fun memory from today was in total control. On grass lands. Blues held the woodland end and the centre of the field. I ran out of ammo and took cover in the tree line knowing reds would advance along the tree line. Two reds (cold war Charlie? Was it you?) came sneaking up no more then 10 feet from me. No idea I was there and then dashed into the bunker and swapped the flags. Then there I was.... Standing in the bush. Sidearm drawn. Bang. I got battered lol
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    Thanks to the whole rift team for a great first time playing and everyone for such a friendly atmosphere I will deffently coming back for more

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    Hazel and I have just got home from an amazing weekend of Airsoft Fun!

    Thank you ALL for really making it all worthwhile - you are a credit to the Sport

    I'll be sifting through the pictures tomorrow and hope to get them Uploaded by early evening!


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    Soo soooo Sooooooooo tired!! lol. Fantastic weekend of airsoft thank you lovely airsofters for making it so enjoyable! Looking forward to the photos .

    Yes Garfy .... I wont forget your EBR burger (IOU) next time!!! Sorry I ran out guys at back of queue.... Blame the guys at the front who ate multiple EBR's!!!! Lol.

    See you all next time! X

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    Once again, it was an awesome day. Blue team worked well together and it showed. Had so much fun and now 'owe' bambi one for bounding across the field at me when I ran out of ammo. I will be avenged lol.

    Over all it was an awesome day and lots of fun was had.
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    Great day, never disappointment at rift (other when Blues win the game) and a good laugh through the day

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    I hope I don't miss the next fight between you and Bambi, Tank :P
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    Thanks again for the great day.

    Was very hard fought between both teams all day, even if the score line didn't reflect that (COME ON YOU BLUESSSS! hehe)

    Experienced the usual excellent level of play and loads of great team work - also saw the genius Garfy at work with loads of traps and bangs and even got to experience my own mini Man Down (think I will leave the real stuff to tougher players)!

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